Providing a Credible Commitment to Our Customers

The Chutex Group was founded by its Chairman, Mr. Chu Ying Piao, in Singapore. From its first manufacturing facility in Singapore in 1972, it has grown to be one of the top knit manufacturers in the world, with facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China. We have established long-term partnerships with many of the top retailers around the world, and we continuously seek new partners who require our services and products.

For the past three decades, the Chutex Group has prided itself in providing a credible commitment to its customers. We at Chutex Group honor our commitment

in providing exceptional customer satisfaction through our continuous pursuit of self improvement, prompt delivery, flexibility, quality, and competitive pricing.

Our ability to honor our commitment starts from our emphasis on finding and grooming talents. The management at the Chutex Group consistently strives for self improvement by creating the highest standards for itself and its staffs. Our fear of complacency and our passion for what we do gives us the ability to provide the required services and quality demanded by our customers today. Our four facilities in Asia further assure that our customers will have their products delivered as committed.

At Chutex, we take pride in what we produce and we make no compromises with our commitment to quality. Our institutions and personnel in quality control ensure that every piece of garment is fully checked twice before leaving the factory. In addition, Chutex employs the highest standards in product safety so that our customers will be assured of the safety requirements when the product reaches the end conusmer. More importantly, Chutex’s scale and efficiency in manufacturing offer our customers the best value in the marketplace.

We at Chutex Group also place great emphasis on our social responsibilities. We cherish every staff at Chutex a member of a big family. Likewise, we consider our obligation to make our surrounding communities a better place for everybody. While we aim to improve our community through various activities, we also consider environmental protection to be our core responsibility.

Without exception, our acclaimed reputation in the textile industry has attested to our dedication to these core values. Looking ahead, our goal is to continue to provide these assurance to our customers as well as to provide additional value and services to them.